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Sometimes, simple is the best!


Hari nie aku nak citer pasal satu sindrom ynag selalu berlaku kepada manusia2 di atas muka bumi nie...sepatutnya penyakit nie terjadi kepada satu jantina sahaja tetapi entahler...di zaman moden nie jantina yang satu lagi turut mendapat sindrom nie. so, jadikan panduan mengenai artikel di bawah.


Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). It's a catch-all name for a variety of symptoms many women (termasuklah ramai lelaki) experience a few days before or during their period (kalu lelaki pulak di akhir bulan apabila poket kosong). Moodiness, depression, bloating, acne break-outs, soreness or feelings of heaviness in your breasts(kalu lelaki poketnya terasa ringan, bukan berat). These are all part of PMS symptoms.

PMS is a drag. Modern science can put a man on the moon, but it can't cure PMS. Go figure. Luckily, different PMS remedies can work for different women (dan juga kepada lelaki). Experiment with several preventative strategies to see what works best for you. Consider keeping a journal(takyah simpan journal. buat buku akaun jer untuk lelaki) to determine what course of action delivers positive results.

* Pay attention
Being in touch with your body will help you predict how PMS will affect you each month. If you know you're emotional a few days before your period (for guys,before dapat bill2 rumah), you'll know not to take fights and slights as seriously. If you know you have bad cramps on the first day of your cycle (bila terpaksa naik bicycle untuk pi keje kerna tak mampu isi minyak untuk kereta/motor), don't plan anything. A slight change in diet or sleep habits might be what you need to make it through this time of the month. A little detective work, and PMS symptoms can be managed.
* Food advice
Good nutrition. It's absolutely essential. It affects your energy level, your stamina, your height, and bone strength. In terms of specific PMS food villains, shake the salt habit. It may be hard to do. If you've ever had a sweet, salty food craving right before your period (kalu awal bulan makan ayam golek, akhir bulan makan megi sajor) you can relate. But, listen to this. Salt causes water retention, which can add to feelings of bloat before your period. It can also make you feel tense, heavy and sad. Some women find that avoiding caffeine and alcohol helps prevent cramps and headaches. In addition, herbal teas can be helpful in cramp prevention, raspberry-leaf tea in particular. And health food stores usually carry special "PMS tea". Finally, be sure to get enough calcium--drink milk and eat low-fat frozen yogurt. There's evidence it reduces cramps.
* Chill out
When you have bad cramps, lie down with a heating pad and zone out. Seriously. Read a good book, watch mindless TV, snuggle with a pet. Breathing deeply and relaxing are terrific pain-lesseners. Keep stress to a minimum.
* Try vitamins for PMS
If you're not getting enough nutrition through food alone, ask your doctor about taking a vitamin/mineral supplement containing iron, vitamin C and vitamin B. Iron is an essential vitamin for PMS if you have a heavy flow. B vitamins may be helpful if you have bad PMS.
* Ahh, massage
To relieve cramps, gently massage and rub your stomach (ini aku selalu buat biler lepas makan). Or ask someone to do it for you(buat masa nie takder orang nak buat kat aku). Have a gentle backrub, concentrating on your lower back.
* Other suggestions
Over-the-counter pain relief, like aspirin and ibuprofen, can relieve cramps. Stretching during the cramps and getting more vigorous exercise throughout the month helps both cramps and PMS. Sleep is important. If your PMS, cramps and bleeding are severe, ask your doctor (for guys, ask money lender. 'Along' also can help)about other options for relieving your PMS symptoms.


itulah sajor tips2 kesihatan untuk hari nie. laenkali aku bagi tips kesihatan yang lain pulak. yang baik itu dijadikan tauladan. yang buruk itu simpan buat kain buruk.sekian untuk sesi kesihatan kali ini.
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At Julai 14, 2006 9:35 PG, Blogger misskasut said...

wah sukeeeeeeeeeeee....nk promote! ;)

At Julai 15, 2006 4:01 PG, Blogger shunjike7 said...

apa yg ko sukeeeeeeee sangat nie?

At Julai 15, 2006 10:41 PTG, Blogger misskasut said...

isu pms..mustilah aku suke :P


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